Our German shepherds are considered the finest in the Industry. The Company has a dog section, where the Dog Master and his crew cater and train the dogs in both obedience and attack. These dogs are unrivaled in Kenya’s security industry. We ensure that the dogs are fully vaccinated, and, fed on a nutritious diet, to ensure clients’ safety: No wonder they are reliable, diligent and a sure deterrent.

For clients who wish to secure dog services over and above the guard services, Rainbow Patriots Security offers mature and well trained dogs. The company provides dogs which come with a dog handler (as a package).

The dog handler is security guard who has received more specialized training in dog handling to ensure such a dog does not become a hazard to other innocent persons and property in its area of development. At no time will such a dog be handled by any inexperienced guard. The dogs are dropped and picked from the client’s site at the company cost for and after the assignment.