Rainbow Patriots offers a wide solution of security fences ranging from welded mesh, chain link and palisade security fences. This also includes fitting perimeter walls and automated gates. The company will supply and install the security fence. The customer, with the help of our technical team will select a fence design for his property which comes down to two considerations: the form-and stylistic considerations and the function-and the practical purpose the fencing will serve.

Most common types of fences that we deal with includes:

  • Electric Fencing
  • Razor Wire Fences

Price quotations for security systems will be done for the client after we getting their advice on type of systems they would prefer installed.

For the security fences quotations for customers’ jobs will be arrived at when our Technical Team has done a survey and arrived at the total distance of area to be covered, and also on the type and diameter of fence selected plus other equipment or materials that may be required for the fence to operate effectively. For other mention services, charges will be agreed upon discussion with the respective team involved.